Thursday, September 03, 2009

I Felt a Twinge

Been juggling lately. Not the kind with the balls, knives and scarves although my 10 year old received a set for her birthday last month so I probably could start learning... We have many things going on and the energy level only goes so high. My blog has had to suffer while I planned and kicked off our homeschool year (started 8/19) and arrange all of dd's college classes (she's in her senior year of homeschool w/college classes as well).

Because of the recession and all, Dh's job has been reduced in pay by quite a bit but not in hours. So we've been searching out alternative options. Other jobs for him and wondering if I should go to work part time. Been cutting back on expenditures like many people. Frivolous things have been laid aside. We've been selling some on Ebay, and my Etsy supply store has miraculously picked up in sales this month. People must be stocking up for the winter or something. ha I've been plopping art pieces in a basket to list in my Etsy Art store, things I'm wanting to send to new homes, but haven't listed them yet. With all of this going on, art time has not even entered my mind. I've wanted to but stress can do a number on your creative muse. She doesn't like to visit when you're pulling your hair out.

Mostly I've just wanted to read in my spare time. It seems to calm me. I know people find calm in art but art time lights a fire in my brain and actions. I love that feeling but when stress is at your door, your extra moments don't want to frenzied and vibrant. You want quiet.

I discovered Good Reads from someone on Facebook and have been adding lists of books I want to read, have read and am reading. You can also see other people's recommendations. The recent books I've read are:
Bookmarked For Death (2nd in the series)
The Cane Mutiny (love this series too!)
Sisterchicks series
Homeschooling Our Children, Unschooling Ourselves (very enlightening book)

Back in May I changed the way I was eating back to low carb. There is no sense in have all this stress going on and feeling crappy at the same time. I feel so much better eating this way. I've lost weight too so it much be working! I've been rereading the Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution book and it gives such an eye opening experience. Learning the way food affects your body is amazing!

Yesterday I felt the first twinges of an art itch. Packing up orders in the studio, I started wanting to make something. Don't know what yet but the first obvious step is to clean my room! 4 tables and mountains of mess do not equal art time. I have a few things in mind so hopefully you'll see me back on the wagon asap.

Well, now you have an update from me. I missed my blog friends, and writing here. I basically missed out on my whole relaxing summer notion but I'm looking forward to an art filled autumn. The little snap in the air we've had lately really makes me want fall to come. Maybe go pick apples or something. Sounds yum, huh?!


Patti said...

keep letting that twinge evolve - I'll bet you'll be creating in no time
good to see you posting!

p.s. is red licorice on the atkins plan? ha.

e.beck.artist said...

i totally relate to the wanting to read and relax ... and art revving you up ..... i just figure when i'm ready for art, i'll do art ... for now, not forcing it ...

Irish Coffeehouse said...

It sounds like despite how scary the situation could seem, God is faithful and providing! What a blessing for your etsy supply shop to increase in sales!

Enjoy your books and I can't wait to see what your creative juices unleash!

trisha too said...

hey, you're back!