Thursday, December 03, 2009

3rd Day of Christmas - Royal Bird & Tree Flowers

I have this beautiful wire bird I picked up while in the Red Lead store. I saw it and just knew it was needed to grace my studio. However, she has been unadorned for too too long. The little one thought so too. She added a handmade crown and necklace and we popped the bird onto the studio Christmas tree. I think Calliope the bird looks quite sweet in her queenly crown!

Did you see the leaf ornaments I posted this week? Well, the big circles in this new ornament were supposed to be instead of the leaf (before I thought of using leaves.) It's handpainted paper. Actually its the scrap paper I put on my worktable when I paint ATCs and it gets all the extra paints on it. Anyway, it was the wrong color for the leaf ornaments so it became its own creation.

I went to this sale last year of a company that was moving its headquarters and was selling off all the extras. They had a whole roll (at least 20 yards) of that white netting fabric. For a $1.00. You know I bought it! And its been sitting there waiting to be used. I'm thinking I want to experiment with painting and or dyeing some of it.

I used to belong to a wonderful group of gals who got together for a monthly Stampin Up party. Now we all know I didn't need a new thing every month. I mainly went to be with friends. However, I did pick up these adorable corduroy covered buttons and brads. I thought they would be the perfect finishing touch for these flowers I'm adding to my studio tree.

The little one has been visiting my studio quite a bit now that its getting fixed up. She loves making ornaments as well. Aren't they cute?! The right one is made with washes of fluid acrylics.

What are you making today?


Jenni Horne said...

I really love your work. In fact, just bought a painting! Yipee......Thanks for putting me on your blog roll. Jenni

Rhonda Langley said...

You are just too busy for me! Look at you using what you bought-need some more corduroy buttons in different colors????? I know where you can get some.
Tell DD#2 I love the tag she made and intend to put it on my tree!
Love the bird's crown!