Saturday, December 05, 2009

5th Day of Christmas - Shopping Day!

I'll be the first to tell you, I hate shopping. No really. I loath getting out to go shopping unless its to an art or fabric store. Don't make me shop for Christmas stuff in a mall with thousands of other frantic crazy people. Not happening.

Except... on girls day out. Mom started this new tradition. The sisters-in-law, mom, the teen and I get together at the local mall. We have lunch, and group up and shop for certain things. Usually kids presents. The reason I love this shopping is I'm with family. It doesn't matter that I'm in a stupid store, I'm with family. I'm sure there are others out there who feel as I do.

I prefer to do all my Christmas shopping in a comfy chair with the laptop, online at Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and Nothing finer than hearing the click, click, click of things popping in my cart.

(altered gift bags made with Red Lead products)

Speaking of Etsy, I have several things in my Etsy stores (Art and Supplies) that just might help you cross someone off your list. I've restocked with new and repeat items too! (continue to check back as I will list new items daily.)

(Sample of items for sale)

Purchase from now until December 15th,
Buy 1 item - get 10% off
Buy 2 items - 2nd item is 20% off
Buy 3 items - 3rd item is 30% off
Tell a friend about the sale, they purchase too and you get 40% off one item.
(Discounts will be refunded through Paypal when I receive your payment/order and calculate the savings for you.)

So whether you get out and join the throngs of shoppers or you grab your coffee and plop your bunny slippers up on the computer and shop, I hope you have a wonderful Christmasy kind of day. I know I will. I might even sit on Santa's lap!

P.S. I saw today a couple of the kits I'd made for Altered Pages in the last year have gone on sale. If you were wanting a kit but didn't get it before, now is your final chance!
Poetry ATC Mini Book was $14.99, now $9.99
Artified Blocks Kit - was $23.99 - now $16.29

For all the Altered Pages kits on sale, go here.


Patti said...

You are so good - to be on top of things! I like to shop the way you do, on the laptop! Or, in the small boutique shops here that carry local artist's work along with products that at least put money in local cash registers.
Hope you have great fun, I'm enjoying your Days of Christmas!

Rhonda Langley said...

WOW! Look at all the pretties-with lots of pink & glitter!
I adore shopping with all the bustle and shoving and pushing! I always meet the greatest people when I am shopping-I can't meet and greet and smile at the poor workers from my computer. However, what I don't like is parking lot driving-scary sometimes!