Sunday, December 06, 2009

6th Day of Christmas - Altered Pages New Years Cards

In the back of my head I'm thinking ahead to New Years. Do you have special traditions for this holiday? We have one tradition we stick to every year.

Dh or I will go to the store and buy different 'exotic drinks.' Since we don't drink, and we're home with the kids we want to share in the toasting experience as best we can. The Arizona Co. has those different tea drinks or we'll find SOBE or some new fangled drink on the market to try. Everyone gets a different drink. We'll usually toast the New Year at 11 pm when the ball drops in NYC (they show it in KC at 11 PM) so the little one can go to bed. Then the rest of us will toast the actual bewitching hour when it arrives.

Usually we'll stick our heads out the front door to hear the illegal fireworks being shot off, and duck when we hear things that sound like gunshots. Yes, there are crazies out there that shoot them in the air.

Last year or the year before we watched that guy do the motorcycle jump over the casino or something in Las Vegas. I think the year before they exploded an old casino? I wonder what they'll come with next.

What do you do for New Years?

Note: Cards made with Altered Pages images.

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Rhonda Langley said...

Boy you are a busy beaver. Very nice. I like the paint on the "10".

We usually usually have my parents and my kids & their friends over. Although as they get older they sometimes have their own parties to attend. My mom has a bunch of noise makers she brings and passes out and we toast with sparkling cider in champagne glasses. My DH is usually asleep on the couch but wakes up at midnight when I blow my horn in his ear.