Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Red Lead Wintery Goodness Banner

As I am sitting here blogging, I'm looking at snow. Big wet clumps of white fluffiness. I like when the yard is bathed in a blanket of white that seems to create a hush over the trees and buildings. It's like the world has stopped talking so much and is listening, just listening. It's a beautiful thing. We had snow for Christmas, lots of snow. Inches upon inches of snow and it was divine...

I haven't spent much time in my new (still messy) studio. But I did play around with a wintery banner this last week. 'On Skates'.

The image of two children is from Red Lead. I sketched out the skates (by looking at a coloring page online) and painted with watered down acrylics and gesso.

When I was a teenager we lived in New York. Boy oh boy, the winters there were cold and snowy! I had this friend at church whose house I liked to visit. They had their own pond and every year we would get out on it, I would fall a lot, and we would skate. Her father or brother would build a fire in a pit near the pond so we could warm up in between rounds. I'm sure the guys probably played some hockey but I don't remember much of that. I just remember the beauty of the surrounding woods and piled up mounds of snow.
I haven't been skating in years. I have weak ankles so I imagine it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Mom took the little one skating last year and it seems she is a natural. I can see we need to take her often this year. She loves it.

Have you gone skating lately? Is it snowing where you are?

NOTE: I swear I posted the winner of the ornament giveaway but it was sitting in a blog post draft. No wonder the winner didn't contact me! lol The ornament goes to:
Linda. If you'll email your address to me, I'll mail out this ornament for you! Happy New Year and congrats!

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trisha too said...

there's tons of snow here, just gorgeous!

whoa, you're going to have to start warning me when you change your blog--thought i was in the wrong place!!!