Friday, February 26, 2010

Fairies & Witches Altered Book


This is another altered book from my Altered Gypsy forums boards group that I worked on. It's theme is fairies, dragons, witches, gods and goddesses. If you remember the year before last, I did this gods/goddesses spread as well as this fairy spread in the same book when I had it the first round.

I found a drawing of mushrooms online and sketched them looking at it. They looked like cartoon mushrooms so I swiped brown paint over the whole page and it gave it an older feel. Like that. The fairy images were picked up while out of town with DH. They're so adorable!

Poem says: "Did you ever hear
  Of the frolic fairies dear?
    They're a blessed little race,
      Peeping up in fancy's face,
        In the valley, on the hill,
          By the fountain and the rill;
            Laughing out between the leaves
              That the loving summer weaves."

This spread was my attempt at doing witches art. I don't really do anything witch art, don't have any stamps or papers or anything to go with the theme. But I did happen to have a whole passel of spider rings. So two of them made it to the pages (right side.) I loved using the black cheesecloth. Sets the mood for the pages. 

Have a wonderful artfilled weekend!


Barb said...

Amazing, love your style!

Hannah - Mary P said...

Those mushrooms are super cool - they really remind me of all the Alice in Wonderland stuff around at the moment for some reason.

Also thanks for being the first EVER commenter on my blog - it really made my day getting a comment...especially off someone whose work i adore ;)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Would you mind terribly if I borrowed this idea? The minute I saw it I thought it was a perfect gift for my toddler niece. I'd make sure to credit back to you if you do give me permission. It is just lovely.