Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Will It Be... - Red Lead

I've been back in the art dungeon any chance I can get lately. Thursday night things were just rolling along and I think I stayed up until 4 am. Late even for me! I was working on a different project that I'll show another day. It's almost finished.

This RED LEAD piece 'When Will It Be' originally started out to be something to submit for Somerset Studio's Aubergine art call. Seeing as that was due sometime in October I think??, its not going to get there. BUT, I'm glad I didn't complete it then. It's much better now than my original plans.


DH and I went out of town this weekend for Valentine's Day. We discussed the possibility of him starting to do some kind of art. I told him he just  has to go into the studio and decide he's going to make UGLY art that he doesn't have to show ANYONE. I realized this was good advice for me as well. We as artists tend to worry too much what others think. Except my teen who is an original free spirit when it comes to art. I wanna grow up to be just like her! 


It's kind of hard to see but the bottom of the canvas has 4 black pom poms and just to be different/difficult, a stack of papers, bible pages and a round punched out of a styrofoam plate used for painting. Yeah, I'm crazy like that.


What ugly things are you making these days?  More to come. A big stack of canvases are started, 2 altered books in various stages and a pile of fabric ATCs just waiting for embellishments. It's good to be back in the art-swing of things.

Red Lead products used: canvas, stamped angel image, alcohol inks, cursive writing stamp, stazon ink, german scrap, pom pom trim
Non-RL products: beeswax, wire and beads, nails, papers, sharpie pen, caran de'ache crayon, numbers stencil, paints, sewing machine, fabric, silver spray paint


Rhonda Langley said...

Lots of great textures. Interesting details! And pom-poms! What more could you ask for? And summer better come soon!!!!!

Jodi Ohl said...

I think you are on to something, it's okay just to do something, anything. It doesn't have to be perfect, heck, you don't have to even finish it. Often ideas are born from other ideas and that truly is the point. You constantly learn and grown just by doing :)

trisha too said...

I like it!!

And I'm glad you're back!