Friday, February 05, 2010

Valentine's Day Art

Over on Altered Gypsy, I'm involved in 2 swaps. An altered canvas and a Valentines altered cigar box. I went with the actual old cigar box. I wanted gaudy pink, full of fun little details. The chandelier is an old playing card. I've been waiting to use that for awhile. The colors are so unusual.

I filled my box with lots of goodies; stamps, flowers, glitter and much much more.  I filled the mailing box with all kinds of extra goodies, but I'll leave those details as a surprise for my recipient! You can't see the sides real well but that are full of glitter, stick on trims and vintage velvety floral ribbon.

The canvas is a 6x6x1 1/2" piece. Glitter was the name of the game on this piece. The adorable lady's image is from Altered Pages.

I think I need to make a similar one for my own wall. I like it a lot.

Hope all is well with my artsy & other peeps. Life has been busy around here. Homeschool continues. The teen went snowboarding and being the klutzy one that she is, broke her wrist. Sigh. At least it comes complete with a hot pink cast. Small joys. The little one and I have had our share of winter colds complete with body aches and lots of sleeping in. Everyone is feeling better now, knock on wood. Trying to think up something fun to do with DH next weekend for Valentines that doesn't involve staring at the big movie screen or spending a ton of dough. I'm sure we'll figure something out. The art room is in shambles, the laundry pile continues to overwhelm. But I'm sure I'll get them both under control here soon.

We bit the wallet and purchased some new bedroom furniture in January. I'll have to share pics soon. It's all a dark merlot colored set so now I have visions of rich cranberry and vintage pink frothiness with which to decorate. Kind of like the inside of an expensive chocolate candy box. I'm not sure DH would appreciate living in there, especially not while playing his war game on the PS3. Probably messes with his manly factor. lol Back to the drawing board on how to decorate. But I think I'm tiring of the brown, avocado and aqua I have now...

How would you decorate if you had carte blanche?


Anonymous said...

What a great project Kris, beautiful colors! How Fun!

Rhonda Langley said...

Very bright and cheerful!! Lots of glitter is always a wise choice!

Rush'd Lady said...

Love the pics! I needed a bright spot in my gloomies! Happy Valentine's Day!