Monday, August 07, 2006

Gimme Your Stuff

This is how worlds were built and brought to their knees. You could sink a thousand ships by word of mouth. Seriously!

I know it is late, really I'm just a figment of your imagination since I should be in bed. But I just had to share some 'word of mouth'. I heard about this place called 'Gimme Your Stuff' from, gosh I couldn't tell you. When I found them, I went all over looking at everyone's stuff and forgot how I originally got there. (If I figure out where, I'll let you know.) I'm in love with this concept. Basically, you join there, and then post on your site/blog what you have to trade and what you're looking for. Then someone from internationals waters who is totally on a different time zone than you and doesn't care that you're up at 2 am, will contact you to swap. This may help me get some of the international stuff I've been craving but been unwilling to buy... Here goes.

I can send:
regional food items
craft supplies (scrapbooking, stamping, papers, ephemera, vintage stuff, postcards -old/new, ribbon, fiber, fabric, etc... Name it I probably have some of it.)
Magazines, newspapers
Adult and children's books
souveniers from this area
name some things you want, and I'll see what I can do.

I am looking for:
Cotton Time Magazines (japanese)
Cotton & Paint Magazines (japanese)
Cottom Friend Magazines (japanese)

any other country's fabric craft magazines and/or books
any current Japanese Fashion Magazines (for my daughter)
I LOVE Japanese fabrics like these:
and any Japanese fairy tale and/or flower print fabrics like these:
Old print fabrics in teal, green, red, oranges, browns, etc...
German prints like these:
Other folky print fabrics OR vintage fabrics, trims & buttons from different countries such as Japan, Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, etc... Let me know what you have and I'll consider if I need it.

I'm a crafty person, what can I say?! *wink*

Email me or post with email if you are interested, and I'll contact you and work out the details.

P.S. I also joined a (click on box for link.) There is still time if you're interested in joining as well. I already have a few stitching ideas and some beautiful 1930's repro fabric I want to use.


JRS said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I can get you those magazines like Cotton Friend etc BUT I am leaving tomorrow for 5 weeks in the is it ok if we swap after I get back to Japan? Email me after the middle of Sept if you'd still like to do it.
jillrachele AT gol DOT com


*Kristal* said...

Really loving your blog. Loaded with lots of goodies :0) I don't have alot of fabric, but seeing all of your makes me want to start collecting. thanks for the link, I'm gonna check it out.