Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Long Update - See U L8R!

It's been a busy 2 weeks since I've posted. We're off to the World of Disney (hallelujah!) in the morning and have been closely watching the reports of Hurricane Ernesto. Looks like he has quieted down, so when we fly in to Orlando tomorrow, it might be just be to alittle rain (hallelujah again!) We've planned this trip with family for awhile now and are so looking forward to it! I'll send you a postcard if you want one. *wink* Email with your address to We're staying in a nice house too!

I'm so excited about a new purchase! Okay, semi-excited. We bought a new camera. Olympus SP-500 uz. I really wanted a Canon S3 IS but I was so slow in researching them that I didn't have time at the last minute to get the one I wanted off of eBay. So I picked this one up from Sams. It does have the MP's I want as well as the optical zoom. If it turns out to annoy me too much not to have an Image Stabilizer, I'll take it back. Hoping it works out for all our trip to Disney. I'm looking forward to filming the sunset on St. Pete Beach, which is our first night's stop (and then back to Orlando for Disney.) If you have either of these, give me a review, would love to hear about them!

Okay, what has been happening in my art world? It's been a blur, really. I worked on some ATCs, an envelope album (in the shape of a purse) and a few other things. Before we leave tomorrow I need to make 4 autograph books. I'll post when they're finished (if I like them.) Don't have pics of everything else (except the purse which is for ScrapAddict DT and I can't show it here yet...)

I did finally pack up my fabric & trims for the partners I'm sending to in my Fall Fabric & Trims Swap on Swap-Bot. I've rec'd a beautiful package of fabrics from one partner. I'll have to post a pic of it all when we get back from our trip (too swamped now.)

I still have a growing list to take care of before we head out the door:
1 - go to the post office
2 - go to the library
3 - pick up DH from work
4 - make autograph books (4)
5 - find my bathing suit
6 - buy Disney Tickets (wonder if I can still do this online? )
7 - return a couple thousand emails. ha
8 - check over all things packed and make sure the cats aren't in the suitcases
9 - shower
10 - get a bit of sleep before the buzzer goes off in the early morn

See you all when I get back (unless I get a moment to post from Florida!)


Raesha D said...

Have FUN!!! We just took our first family trip to Disneyland in May and it was my husband and my daughter's first time....loved it!! I love your choices for the fall fabric swap...wish you were my partner again:):) I just mailed my package out to Canada today.

Anonymous said...

Kris, HI, I just had to write and wish you well on your trip.....and thank you for the ggggreat atc I got from you in Audrey's/Marcy's Party Hats Swap! I received your sweet JOURNEY girl with the FABULOUS hat and I love her! Even her knee highs make me smile! Thanks again! Patti :0)