Friday, August 04, 2006

Lofty Ideas, Lazy Days

First of all, hello. I've been blog-absent for a whole month. My! How time flies where you're doing nothing. We came home last week from the grandparents house where we spent a wonderful month enjoying their company. Getting back to this blog is kind of like that old friend you have on your mind. First a couple weeks will go by and you'll think 'I really need to call her/him'. Then a month or two will pass and you're almost embarrassed to call them then. After that you rationalize the times you think of calling with 'oh, I'll call her/him when I have something important to talk about' and guess what. You let LOTS of time pass you by when you could have been catching up. Kind of like this blog. I kept telling myself, 'I'll post when I've taken pics of my new work' (not that there was a lot of that on vacation.) 'I'll post when I have a minute, I'll post when its important. Well here I am. Nothing important (until tomorrow - just forget that its 224 am right now) going on at this moment.

We had a great vacation. We come home with lofty ideas of having a garage sale once and for all, remodeling DD Alex's bedroom so instead of 2 tiny closet size rooms, she will have one big room and cleaning out and painting DD Sophia's room with the paint we bought in March. Also thought to get sewing on all the gorgeous fabrics I bought while thrifting in GA on vacation (I neglect to mention I have yet to go purchase a sewing machine.) All projects have been started, and then kaput (learned it was a german word on 'Who wants to Be a Millionaire' in case you were interested) , we're not doing much of anything. One very big thing I should be doing is organizing and planning our homeschool year which starts in September. Honestly, I'm hot. Lazy and unmotivated. The heat is putting us in a stupor. So, those projects are in the 'stay tuned, hopefully not until you-know-where freezes over' stage.

I did accomplish one thing though. Okay, 3 things.
** I finally mailed out my '
Just A Kid Swap' package to my lovely partner, Angie. What a fun swap! Hopefully Ellia will host another one soon. I'm game!
** Last month on someone's blog I found out about
Swap-Bot. I joined a Fabric swap and that is #2. I finally mailed out my package to my partner. I hope she likes all the fabrics I sent. (I kept a little piece of each for me of course. *wink*).
** DD and I started a new diet (she doesn't really need to, she just wanted to eat rice/beans with me! ha) I've done lo-carb off and on for years and it just wasn't cutting it anymore for me. I think I needed a more restrictive thing for just a bit. Or maybe its just so simple even I can't mess it up. It's the Rice Diet Solution. Mom says its an older, consistent successful diet. I figured it was worth a try. So far I've lost 11 1/2 lbs this week (water weight of course, but I'll take it!) Hallelujah!

Okay I lied. I also caught up on 6x6 page swap and ATCs I owe. AND I started a fabric swap of my own on Swap-Bot. Come join me!

More tomorrow. Come back when you can celebrate with me...


Julie said...

i need to read about your rice diet! thanks for sharing

Kersten said...

I just ordered the Rice Diet book, Kris! Am happy to see you're back and blogging again. Can't wait to see what you put together with the new ABM plate of QUEENS!

Thanks for the book tip ~


Raesha D said...

Thank you for my July Fabric swap package! It arrived today and I love it! The colors and patterns are perfect!!!! I just signed up for your fabric swap too:):) Thanks again!!!