Monday, August 14, 2006

More Art, Trade

LAST CALL for the Fabric Swap I'm running at Swap-Bot. It closes this week! Come join me!

So, I took
Audrey's advise (who commented on my last post) and got FireFox Browser. I was able to upload all the pics to the previous post, so go check them out. I was on a 'pile' kick as usual this weekend. I cleaned my table and had a pile of little scraps, pics and also some new rubons my secret sister sent me (swap at ScrapAddict). I made a few ATCs just for fun. Ended up sending some away but a couple are up for grabs. Anyone want to trade an ATC for whatever? An ATC, something handmade, a small baggie of collage stuff, whatever you want to send? Just comment with which one you want and your email and I"ll contact you for your address. Available (Top Middle 'FLIRT' and 'Top Right 'DEVOTION', 2nd pic 'MY HARDY LIFE')

The Feather ATC is for a GlitterGals swap and the other ATCs made it into pretty little packages for my Ribbon Swap Partners. I hope they like their packages which go out today.

By the way, if anyone is interested in the Watership Down book that I mentioned in my last post, I would trade it for some artsy stuff. Something you've made, collage materials, ATCs, etc... Surprise me. First person to holler, it goes to. Good read.


audrey said...

Gorgeous atc' the colors.

Kersten said...

I love the ATCs, Kris. I even recognize a few of those backgrounds. What a fantastic swap that was!

Speaking of swapping, I send you an email, but wasn't sure if it got through or not. We have a new message board, Altered Gypsy, to fill the hole of our missing ABM forum. Be sure to check it out. Cathy has an ATC, Blue Mona, up and for trade, posted to the board. Hope to see you there.


crazycatladymel said...

Is the book still available? I'm up for a trade!

Contessa Kris said...

Lady Mel - I emailed you. The book is all yours! Now just 3 ATCs are up for grabs...

norththreads said...

Wowsers Kris!!!!!!!!!! I recieved your wonderful package today- thankyou so much!!!!!! the bear from your daughter to mine is just precious!! Heading over to sweetpea swap to post it!! Your awsome , thanks again, and if i wasnt overboard in swaps right now Id be joining you fabric swap!!

Lulu said...

Hi Kris,
I am much the same as Ang unfortunately and going overboard with swaps. Thanks for posting a message to my blog! I have enjoyed having a quick look around yours but will be back to check it out more another time.

Once i have these next couple of swaps out of the way then we could arrange to do a swap? Sorry i can't do it now! I will be in touch,


kathywas said...

Well, as usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short (as the old saying goes). I've been away on vacation and have missed so much. I love these ATC's that you created. Sure wish that the one with the target was still up for grabs. That caught my attention immediately.

I'd be willing to do a trade with you of some sort in the near future. Need to finish up some swap deadlines first. You know what it's like after being away for 2 weeks...catch up, catch up, catch up!!

rmeyfe said...

Your cards are so beautiful! I enjoy coming to your site just to check them out.

Thanks for sharing them!! :)