Saturday, August 05, 2006

Taste Bud Heaven...

You wouldn' t think I would have anything to complain about on this new diet which has sluffed off 11 1/2 lbs this week alone (water weight) and let me eat rice, beans and potatoes after years of trying lo-carb. But already I find myself tired of the same ole rice, etc... so off to the store I go tomorrow to spice up our food repertoire. In the meantime, DH (who is on a lo carb diet) brought home a bread mix for the breadmaker. Wheat bread. I CAN HAVE WHEAT BREAD! It's low in fat too! I cooked it, we all checked on it frequently, since you could smell it throughout the house. We impatiently waited the 10 mins to let it 'calm down' as DD Sophia said. She even got UP out of bed to come claim her piece. I cut it in the 12 servings it says to cut it in for carb/fat ratios, slathered honey on a piece for Sophia. It's heaven. Heaven on a napkin. I heaped sugar free seedless blackberry jam on my piece.

Can you say HEAVEN!?!


Jill said...

I have found your blog and I love it! Love your collages. Am so intrigued by your diet, too. Congrats on losing 11 pounds! I too, have done the lo carb thing...but can't seem to keep it off...what is your secret?
And what ever happened to Wilbur?

audrey said...

I definitely have to read up on this rice diet you are doing cuz I definitely need to shed some pounds.