Friday, July 25, 2008

Art Journal Love

(the spread on the right was a practice I did while watching a SuziBluTube video. - see below for link)

This week I started an art journal. It's nothing fancy. It's probably the 5th journal I've started in my life. It's the only one that made it to a page 2. I'm actually going to work on page 4 today. Hallelujah. I'm not saying I'll stick with it daily, that would be too presumptuous of me but for now I like working in it. Some of the journaling has been smudged out. It's kind of personal, kwim?

Oh, and don't laugh too much on my self portrait although, yes, I do have that double chin. Too many late night Taco Bell runs I'm sure.

So, being the normal obsessive type person that I am, I started searching on all things Art Journal related. And boy, did I hit the jackpot! I found Flickr art journal pictures:
Thrifty Collage Artist
Aashild Ruud

I found YouTube tutorials (if you know of any other really good videos, share!):
SuziBlueTube (she has lots of entertaining videos)

I found blogs & websites/articles:
Artists' Sketchbooks
Girl and her Journal
Visual Chronicles
Moss Hill
How to Keep an Art Journal
Intuitive Creativity
Journal Junk
A Creative Journal
Craft N Swap
An Altered Fairy Tale

I even asked my fellow Twittering artists their favorite pens to use, over paint, ink, paper, plus I joined this recent yahoo group, Art Journals and they happened to be discussing pens as well!
Sakura (my favs being the Glaze pens
Sakura Souffle
Zig fine-tip pens
Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pens
Krylon Metal Leafing & Paint pens
Zig painting pens
American Crafts Slick Writers
Stampin Up Write Markers
Koh-L-Noor (don't ask me, I have no idea what they are)
Stadtler Calligraphy Pens
Poster Paint pens
Calligraphy ink and pen nibs
(for fabric) Pilot Fabric Marker Pens

I am still very extremely new to this art journaling. You should see the art journals for sales on Etsy and Ebay. Amazing! I didn't take the time to list them here. If you have art journals pages you've done, would you share them with me please? I would love to see. If you know of other informative blogs, websites or youtubes that would be good for me, please share those as well.


artisticdiva said...

Great self-portrait! Good job. You must post page 4 when you get it finished, and then the next, and the next....easy for me to say...I've not posted in days! Thanks for mentioning my blog the other day! Now I need to get busy updating!! :)

saffron said...

Your art journal is fabulous! and will only get more so, the more you do. I have many, although they're kind of a mix of journaling and sketchbook. No rules!

Steve B. Robinson said...

I love your art blog thingy wotsit, dont stop. I shall have to go through the list of artyplaces you put up in case they are of interest to me. I too have an art blog home its called and its all about my "artbeat" (the old ones are the best lol). I think you would like it although there are no technical hints there at all. Just my art progressing since University this year, my thoughts on life both mine and in general and the sudden realisation that what I knew and practiced 30 years ago is actually what I need to get back to now. Peace and Love to you and the world.


Cassie said... should check out danijohnston...she is so fabulous...and she is from Kansas City...gotta love local!!!
:) Cassie

here is her blog:

trisha too said...

you so do NOT have a double chin, goofball. the journal is marvelous.

i've never been able to keep a journal, either, but MAYBE an art journal would fly . . .

Jacky said...

Great Art Journal.... boy you have been doing some research too!!!
I am taking part in an Art Journal being hosted by Sarah Whitmire which I am finding heaps of fun and very thought provoking at times.
Take a look at her blog too and join in.
You might be able to incorporate some of her prompts in your next pages.
This is my fourth attempt at an art journal and first time I have actually finished more that two pages.

I'm about to go and check out some of the links in your posting. Thanks for sharing.

Rhonda Langley said...

Love your journal. I kept a journal for about 1 month once. I can't believe I know something artsy that Kris doesn't know?! Koh-i-noor are art pencils that are very smooth and pigment rich. I don't own any but have seen several card makers use them.

Vintage Scrapper said...

I'm sitting here shaking my head, chuckling...your self-portrait is way TOO cute! If I send you a pic of me can you do my "self" portrait? Ha! don't know if you have heard but SA is no a few weeks 3 of the former DT are opening a new site so those of us diehards can still have a home.