Saturday, January 27, 2007

ETSY Creations

Okay, DD and I have stepped over into the dark side. We've actually done some art to sell on Etsy. I've put up just a couple in our new store, but I'll get some more up over the weekend, as she has done 4 and I've done 5! We're art making fools!

DD Alex' Artwork:

I'm never sure how to price things, even though I sold on Ebay for years. It's always a fine line between what people will buy things for and what I'm willing to let things go for, kwim? How do you price your selling items if you sell? Do you have some magic formula you can tell me about?

It's been a busy week of homeschool, reading and lots of art. DD and I have had fun staying up late to work. We feel so creative. I know I do.

I went out tonight to crop with some dear friends. We had a wonderful time although I didn't get much done. I just can't THINK with all the talking. All around me they're making fabulous cards, altered clipboards and scrapbooking up a storm and I just sit there staring at all the stuff I brought. I did however, organize all the stamps I own! It took 2 tote bags and 1 3-ring binder to bring all them with me (unmounted) and now they're organized by subject order. I just need some new drawers to put them in! (Sorry, DH, I need more drawers! ha) Thanks to Mindy's son for making a Chipotle run for me, when I was pouting that I didn't have any, like Mindy's DD was eating. Thanks to Mindy, Kathleen, Trish and Rhonda for a fabulous evening!

Okay, I'm off to stay up late and watch The Guardian, which came in this week from Netflix. Don't you just love Netflix? Have you seen that show, Ace of Cakes on Food Network? Well, this week they made a cake that looked like a chinese takeout box with noodles and veggies and then netflix envelopes on the outside. Apparently it was for a couple whose favorite date night thing to do was order in chinese and watch Netflix movies. Sounds like my kind of date!



Anonymous said...

Kris...all these piece are wonderful. And how special that you and your daughter create fabulous. I see where Alex gets her talents from. Her pieces are awesome.

Shawn said...

Sounds like you all had a good time cropping! I love that show too Kris.

rmeyfe said...

Love your art -- it always makes me smile!!

I love that show Ace of Cakes, he just amazes me with what he can do with cake and frosting (2 of my favorite things).


Keri said...

any idea where i can find a picture of that cake. it sounds perfect for me and my fiance