Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Random Tuesday Thoughts

So, I've been cleaning off my desk (YES, again...) and I found all the recipes I used last week for dinners plus one that a friend gave me, and I decided to make January 'Cook & Bake' month on my Obsessing Over blog (which I have never used until now.) Thought I would post a new obsession each month. This month seems to be all about food and cooking. Let's just be clear. I don't usually cook. DH is the gourmet cook in our house. But I HAVE cooked all those and deem them delicious. So anyway, if you need a new recipe to try, head over there (I really really recommend the Tortellini!) February's obsession will probably be weight loss tips if I'm not careful with all this cooking! lol

Saw new stamps in my email today from
Cloth Paper Scissors. I want the Traditional ATC Backgrounds, the Mosaic Elements and the Traditional Borders stamps! Did I mention I am broke?! lol But they're oh so yummy. Does anyone subscribe to Quilting Arts? I'm wondering if I would enjoy it. I need to find an older copy I can look through. My library doesn't carry it. Have one to trade me? I can send some collage materials in place of it... Email me.

Did you see Claudine Hellmuth (writer/artist of 'Collage Discovery Workshop' & 'CDW & Beyond' books) on Craft Lab this week? Making the most adorable puppetish things. I loved the show. You really outta start watching this show!

Final thought: DD was just making a grilled cheese sandwich and she said 'I'm mayonnaising it inside'. I found this funny that a condiment just became a verb! Which got me to thinking, how many normal words do we make into wacky verbs? I can think of a few ('glittering it up', glamming, mod podging, queueing, thrifting, sandwiching....) can you? Okay, I think Queueing is a word according to
Merriam Webster. But did you know that is the only common word in English that has five vowels in a row? Learn something new everyday! Tell me your wacky verbs!


crazycatladymel said...

Hey, someone else that puts mayo inside a grilled cheese! (I use Miracle Whip, but still...) Everyone here thinks I'm bananas.

Contessa Kris said...

A grilled cheese sandwich should never be eaten without mayonnaise! That is against the food laws! Nice to find a fellow mayonnaiser (hey! It just became a noun again! lol)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kris....me again :o) I pick up Quilting Arts when it comes out and I really like it........but do you see me sewing anything, lol. Once again, i love the ideas, layouts and such that are very inspiring and can be adapted for any medium in my personal opinion. Of course, i want to make some kind of little quiltie one day. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Trisha said...

Oh, my, that puppet brings back the memories--I bought one so similar about a million years ago for my favorite auntie when I was going to school in London. I feel old . . .

And in high school, my best friend's dad got me started putting Miracle Whip in my grilled cheeses. I feel really old . . . sigh.

Carolyn F said...

Wacky verbs? How about pagonging the other tribe? (from survivor)

Patty said...

Hi Kris - please respond to my email regarding the potholder swap as soon as possible. Thank you!