Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spoilage Goin' On...

Me me me! I've been spoiled with goodies! I always forget to take photos of and talk about my fabulous packages I receive from swaps and swap-bot partners! I received the most beautiful Christmas packages over the holidays that would make you drool! But I just ripped into them and promptly started using them and eating up all the edible goodies. *wink* I guess that is what they are for, right? But today I thought I would share 2 items I rec'd this week and I'm in love with.

My Potholder partner knitted (I think its knitted and not crocheted?) these gorgeous red potholders. How did she know that red is one of my favorite colors?!

And then, lovely Audrey... I simply asked her about those faux stamps (from 100 Proof Press) she had on this creation and she emailed me saying she wanted to send me some. I selfishly said YES! But that's not all, not only did I receive the stamp sheets, she sent me the ARTWORK as well! I was flabbergasted! It's up on my art wall in a place of prominence now. I mean, an Audrey piece of work. Who wouldn't be thrilled?! Thanks Audrey!

I've been sewing just a bit. Finished up my own potholders for my partner. I hope she likes them. Also worked on a pillow for an uncoming swap. Can't wait to find out my partner and send this baby off!

Took advantage of a great sale on canvases at Dick Blick last week. DD is always drawing (she is amazing) and I decided to buy her 20 canvases (9x12). While I was at it, I got another 20 for me (6x6). I have grand ideas of making art to hang and sell. DD is wanting to do the same thing. She rec'd a huge art set from grandparents this Christmas and she loves to paint with acrylics and oils. I wish I could dream up pics like she does. But I'll do things my own way. Keep an eye out for creations coming soon to a blog near you.


Monica Kornfeld said...

Cool stuff, Kris!!! I'm so envious of that sewing.

Came over because of your post about the header up there. It looks fine on this end... it looks like it's spaced down where it's supposed to be... not up at the top. You must've fixed already.

Have a great week!

Carolyn F said...

Very crafty times at your house, and you have some awesome swap partners!!!

Anonymous said...

Kris...so glad that you liked the little piece. I haven't ordered from Dick Blick in awhile. I think i need to head over there and see what i need :o)