Monday, May 28, 2007

Bee Hunter, Cats, Friends and Legos

So, today is another no brainer. Family technology viewing as it were. A little bit of TV, and little bit computer (this reminds me of that song "A little bit of Monica in my life, A little bit of Erica by my side", but I digress - lol -- Who is that by?). Although there were those 2 hours that the kids and DH built a small scale model of our house out of legos. Very cool, if you like a rainbow house, treehouse in the front yard, car bigger than our living room... you get the idea. Good ole' family time.

I sat and cleaned my desk and can now proudly say I can see 3/4 of it! I'm ignoring the piles on the floor and pulling out the pink altered book I need to work on before Saturday's Altered Book Club. If you have any inspiring ideas for an AB on 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' (in pink and black) let me know. I'm a bit stumped as usual and again am pushing the project to the last minute. Right now I'm cranking out 20 ATCs for 2 swaps. I'll share when they're done.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some pics I found while cleaning off the disc. Well, these I took today of my little Bee-Hunter. lol The Easter Bunny brought her a bug catcher, but does che want bugs, OH NO!

"Mom, see? See the bees? I catched them myself!"

"I caught 6! Only 1 is dead now."

"Can I wait until they're all dead so we can then pin them to a board and study them? I wanna study bees!"

(Do you see that little smirk on her face? A little orneryness showing through!)

The cat and bunny made friends in the windowsill last week.

Although we now realize its not all that cute anymore. The bunny doesn't want to be 'friends'. He wants be soul mates, partners for life! lol That's what happens when you get a whole bunny. Hasn't been fixed yet so he wants to 'play' with the cats. Oy Vey everybody, Oy Vey.

The cats have a new morning hobby. They sit on the couch or floor and stare at the shades. We finally realized they're watching for movement of squirrels or birds. If they see a shadow of such, they dive at the shades. Hence, the ripped shades I now need to replace. *eyeroll*

Okay, I've amused myself, and possibly you for long enough. Back to ATCs. What is happening in your house today?

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primdollie said...

oh my bees and the cats and the bunnies oh my!!!! too funny!!! and the poor bunny needs a soul mate!! I have a few spare cats!!!!hehehe!! I guess I am a bit more boring here but enjoying the warm sunshine today and played in the garden and my spinning wheel and just had fun!! enjoy dear! HUgs Linda