Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wednesday Stamper & Creative Muse

(Card is for Wednesday Stamper challenge 'GAMES')

Did you read that recent article by Tim Holtz about him and his work? (Okay, I can't guarantee it was recent because I re-read mags, but I think it was Somerset Studio?) It was so facinating to learn about how he got involved in art and the art business. But the thing that stuck with me the most is what he said about creating. He said, if the creative vibes are still flowing, keep going. (Okay, I was paraphrasing, but I sounded pretty cool there, didn't I?! lol ) What he meant was, it doesn't matter if its 3 am... if you still have ideas coming out of your head and you need to work on them, don't go to bed. You can sleep any old time. He also said, don't force it either. Don't keep trying to work on something when you clearly are not 'getting it' or it's just not working.

All this to say, I have 20+ ATCs to get done this week, and tonight, everytime I put my stuff up to go to bed, another idea popped into my head. So I kept working. It was fun! I really like when the creative muse flows through me. Not that its my best work, but I wasn't stumped, and that is a plus these days, let me tell you! I finished 12 ATCs, plus one for Wednesday Stamper on the subject of Games.

(Click for closeups)

Okay, now I'm REALLY off to bed. What art did you work on today? I wanna see? Talk to you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Every single one of these is fabulous and i love that one where the door opens :o)

Hermine said...

They are gorgeous.

Viola said...

Very beautiful works!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great ATC's! Don't you love it when a plan comes together? You got A LOT done in your creative moment. So what time DID you end up going to bed..LOL??!!

DymphieM said...

Love all your atc's, that's awesome doing 12 in one evening!