Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Art

(ATC inspired by our new yard-guests... see last post)

Can you tell I'm SO ready for summer? This is what? 3 posts in 3 days? Lots of art going on this weekend. I'm feeling down right sociable! Come talk with me!

We beautified the backyard today. Good news, it looks all clipped and clean, yet woodsy with all the trees and vines we left. We had a great time cleaning it up as a family, then barbequing and playing a rousing game of Apples to Apples. Bad news. I noticed the cement patio is more profoundly cracked than last year, and the rebar (wordoftheday: a steel rod with ridges for use in reinforced concrete) is visable sticking out of the house where the cement should be, as well as deep crevices. So we discussed the possibility of having someone come build us a deck. I think it would be best maybe to do it ourselves. After all we're not incapable (famous last words I'm sure.) We'll keep thinking on it but boy would it be nice to have a wooden deck.

In between morning church, afternoon yardwork, shopping and family time... I did manage to sneak in some art. Several ATCs and a card:

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