Monday, May 28, 2007


Today (Sunday) was spent in a lazy, not moving kind of a way. With a sinus cold, I didn't want to do more than sleep, read and surf fellow artists' blogs. It was a good day. Mom called from the beach (I'm sure to torture my beach deprived soul.) They're having the grandest time at a resort on St. Simons Island, Georgia before heading back to the house in Atlanta tomorrow. House is still for sale, can't imagine someone not wanting to buy it. I love the house and wish they could just cart it up here to Missouri to live in.
Tonight DH smoked a rack of ribs for over 4 hours. They were so yummy. Unfortunately, the whole thing wasn't for me. lol I had to share. He is getting better and is practicing for a men's group cookout at our church next month. So you KNOW I'll be eating well for the next month. *wink* Wanna come over to eat? lol
DD and I finally organized all the homeschool books and stuff lining the hallway out to the garage. I kept saying I was going to list them on eBay. *eyeroll* Who has the time? There is a homeschool used curriculum sale coming up in a couple weeks so we're almost ready with our stuff. Hurrah, to getting something else cleaned up!
Do you have a list for summer? I haven't officially committed anything to paper yet, but its in my brain. Paint DD's room. Finish other DD's room and move her back in. Finish basement and move art room down there. Fix shower. Fix air conditioner. Start a canvas collage series. Start a color collage series. Paint the bathroom and decorate it finally. Buy a dining room table. What's on your list? I'd like to see...
I've been reading back issues of ARTitudeZine that my friend Kersten shared with me. At first, if you're a visual person like me, you look at the magazines and go 'ehhhh' with your nose curled up. It's mostly a black and white publication. I'm all for color to stimulate my brain. However, as you start reading articles, how tos and visiting links and sites noted in the mag, it becomes a favorite thing to have around. Plus, the back cover is ephemera for you to use in art. You can't go wrong with that! You should read this mag!
I'm sure I've talked about THE SALE before, but just had to talk about it again. The local church has a twice yearly sale to benefit a local assisted living home. It's almost here! I don't know what it is about this garage sale, but I LIVE for it twice a year. I find so much stuff at it for my art; papers, stickers, vintage fabric, lace and trims, wallpaper, doilies, ribbon, tins, stamps, ephemera, old books, etc, plus homeschool materials and books as well... I know my DH grimaces when he drives by the church and see the sign announcing the sale. I'm sure he wishes I was sick while the sign is up so I don't know. He doesn't know me very well. I have that sucker written in my calendar! lol It starts June 6th. I'll let you know about the goodies I find this year.
I'm up late because I slept half the day away, but I need to try to sleep so I can break the cycle of late nights, so I'm heading to bed. Hoping tomorrow holds a healthy art filled day for me with lots of barbequed meat and corn on the cob. Happy weekend everyone!
P.S. Was flipping around from one blog leading to another, to another and so on. Found this one. She has a weekly 'art card challenge'. You know how I *heart ATCs*. I think I might try to catch up when I have a moment. Wanna play along?

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m i c h e l l e said...

I LOVE making summer lists! The bright days always renew my enery and I am much more motivated to clean and organize.

I'm doing Emily art journal challenge too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!