Saturday, May 19, 2007


It's been an eventful weekend so far. DH had off from work for a couple days. He proceeded to spend them fixing things up around here, which is such a nice blessing. My overhead fan works, sink isn't clogged, the yard no longer has leaves. So many other things were fixed as well. I love this man! While he was in the backyard mowing, he noticed in a low branch that a mother bird had made a nest. It's kind of a precarious position because vines are wound around the branch and DD frequently likes to play with said vines. So after showing her the adorable nest, taking pics of its contents, we discussed with her what would happen if she played on the vine. Catapulted baby and egg. And we don't want THAT to happen!

Seeing the bird inspires me to create something with birds on it, to commemorate the discovery. I'm in art mode again. Off to create.

Show me your bird creations! Have a favorite bird stamp or stickers? I wanna see! Share.

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