Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Wit, Just Art

I'm too tired to be my normal witty and charming self, so I'm just posting art I made today (The first pic is 1 Inch pieces of art -- Inchies Art -- which seem to be so popular. The 2nd pic is an altered envelope for a swap). Enjoy!

Okay, wait, I'll share one thing. DD is doing an end of the year homeschool history project for me (the teacher). She chose to study several fashion designers (I think Chanel is one of her favs), tell me about them (in written or verbal report form) and then make something artsy to go with the report. She decided to take parts she loves of different designers' styles and put them together in a paper/fabric dress. If you'll look closely, she used dictionary pages for the bodice, tulle at the top, curtain sheer for the skirt (with dictionary pages as an underlay but you can't see it very well in the pic.) She even blew up zip loc bags and taped them to the mat board under the skirt part to make it 'poof' out. Isn't that inventive? She is 14. This is going to hang on the wall in her room.


Vera said...

Wow Kris, that dress is great! She is very creative, with the talent to make it happen!

Micki W. Hill said...

WOW! w2g on that project! Veeeeeerrrrrry cool!

Anita said...

Woah...I am SO impressed! That is one awesome dress! Hope the teacher gave her an A! ;)

m i c h e l l e said...

What a gorgeous dress! I hope she got an "A!" :-)

This type of project is very reminiscent of the things my daughter did in HS. She went to an art school and almost every subject had an element of art to it! Very cool that since you are an artist you have infused your daughter's education with opportunities to express herself artistically.

PS. I *heart* Chanel too! :-)

Anonymous said...


What a great project and what a fine dress she has created. I loved homeschooling my 3 daughters.
A great chance to REALLY instill in them great appreciation of art and any other gifts they may have.
My eldest went on to art school and has worked for some really great museums in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City ARt Museum, Mabee-Gerrar Museum (Shawnee) and the Philbrook (Tulsa). She now works for Big Brother and Big Sisters of Okla..........uses her art every day, though...........I love the diverse use of materials your dd has used here. ")


sue said...

Very inventive. It's wonderful. A true designer. Great job. love it.