Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blog Overload

Did you know you could read too many blogs? I'm sitting here in overload. I have this list of stuff to work on, art table to clean, people to call, cleaning to do, etc... and here I sit, reading every blog that everyone has on their blogs. You know how when you go the library with no plan on what your looking for? How you stare at all the fabulous books, reading an excerpt of each (at least the inside covers), thinking 'how will I choose'? It's kind of like that. How do you stop at just one? It's like that chip commerical 'you can't eat just one'. I can't eat just one blog...

Here are some I've found today and in recent weeks that made their way into my favorites:

I'm addicted to the altered blogs you see... I'm branching out though. I read some others that were of writers, photographers, a lady in Italy and her travels, cartoonists (those are interesting and yet scary sometimes. ha!) and some MAMS (middle aged mothers).

I am getting off this computer right now to tackle my list of things to do. If you see me back here and I haven't announced I'm done, shoo me out of here. While I'm gone, check out the blogs. They're fabulous! Be careful though, you might get sucked in as well. *wink*

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Turquoise CRO said...

My FAMILY thinks I'm NUTS!!! OBSESSED and the sorry thing is they are right!!! I just started Blogging Feb 19 and I'm like the BLOG MONSTER!!! I CAN'T GET ENOUGH! THIS IS AN ADDICTION and I don't want to be CURED!!! LOL I think I will Blog this!!! on mine!!! Phew!!! What a life! BTW, I LOVE your Blog and will be back!!! LOL