Saturday, February 18, 2006

Organized Chaos...

Never tell people you are organizing anything. Then you have to actually DO IT! I've been 'organizing' my art rooms for about 6 months now. I kept telling myself, no matter what I put in order, if my ephemera wasn't completed, then I was unorganized. The reason behind this was, I had 4, COUNT EM'! 4 laundry baskets full of ephemera and embellishments to organize or I would never be able to find anything. I FINALLY started tackling that tonight.

I'm on a break right now. I know, for the 2 people who may read this blog, THey're shocked, it's 3 am. I know, I should be in bed. But I'm not done. Right now I'm typing with my keyboard on my lap. It's not comfortable. And my mouse has to be manuvered on top of a box of 'stuff'. So I have to get this art desk back to its 'NORMAL' messy self.

Side note. I'm cleaning off my DVR this weekend. It has exactly 97 hours of taped shows and movies. Ridiculous! I just went in the bedroom to see if it was done taping a movie to a tape and I caught the 'kissing' scene in Some Kind Of Wonderful. Don't you love that movie? Fabulous! That kissing part makes me want to run find someone to kiss. DH is asleep, so that would be no fun. I'd just get a 'huh? What?' No smoochy anything.

Well, I'm back to ephemera sorting, hoping I find my desk soon. Go kiss someone for me, ya hear?

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Anita said...

Well I love the artsy feel to your blog already and yes, I LOVE Some Kind of Wonderful. I just love that scene, too! My best friend in high school and I were crazy about Eric Stoltz. So much so that I actually ripped a picture of him out of a school library magazine for her. riskiest thing I ever did in high school! ;)