Wednesday, March 15, 2006

487 and counting...

It's sad really. I have an addiction. No seriously. I need a 12 step program, maybe 25 steps. My friend Kristin can tell you first hand how 'crazed' I can be. I have a ribbon addiction, fetish, obsession. Call it what you will. This evening I've been bagging up the rest of the ribbons/ricrak, Lace, trims and fiber that have been waiting for my attention. I decided to brave the results and find out how much ribbon (including lace/fiber/ricrak) I REALLY have. I mean you really can't have too much ribbon can you?

  • Black - 38
  • Blue - 59
  • Brown - 52
  • Gold/Silver - 22
  • Green - 60
  • Orange - 31
  • Pink - 77
  • Purple - 18
  • Red - 51
  • White/Cream - 67
  • Yellow - 12

This doesn't include the two 1 gallon bags of fiber I still have to sort or the small Rubbermaid tote of old trims, ricrak and seam bindings. Ohh, and the pic is just of the ribbons that are shorter than 15 inches which I keep in a jar (instead of in bags/on rings/hanging in the doorjam like the other ribbons are --->see over there?)

Can someone please save me from myself? Okay, back to organizing...


Sharon Wisely said...

You can never have too much ribbon--ribbon makes ANYTHING and EVERYTHING beautiful--love it!

Dana Wilson said...

Ribbons, ribbons everywhere! Love it! What is it about ribbon that we women love?

Contessa Kris said...

I don't know, but they're obsessive for me. For some reason I forget about all the ribbons I have at home, when I'm out and near NEW ribbons.

phinner said...

Save you from yourself?! I think not!!! You are stimulating the economy!!! Did you know that last year, scrapbooking was a 2.5 billion dollar industry? That includes ribbon. If we stopped buying, they would stop creating new stuff!!! hee!!!

Thanks for commenting on my butterflies!!! I so love Basic Grey!!!

Shari said...

I love your addiction!!! We all have our own---it is the common thread that connects us all! I have always said that I enjoy the hunting and gathering of the stuff almost as much (and sometimes more!!)than actual creative process!
hugs again, shari xxx

Bonni said...

hey you can NEVER have too much ribbon, really...well at least that is what I tell myself...can't believe you sat there and counted it all though...I would have lost count about 100 times

Julie said...

love love love that ribbon!!

Carolyn F said...

You could send all that luscious ribbon to me and then YOU wouldn't have a problem?!