Saturday, March 25, 2006

List Friday


List Friday (see Pom's website for details.) I think people sometimes believe 'if only I had this, or this would happen... THEN I would be happy for LIFE!' I don't really think it happens this way, but what do I know? I don't usually wait to be happy. I live in the moment. DH sometimes has those 'if only' thoughts and this week he has been tackling the mess in the garage, staring at the basement and asically realizing that the whole mess belongs to me! My lists are dedicated to him:

10 things I need to get rid of to make DH happy...
1 - Many boxes that have items & paperwork from when I used to sell children's toys... twice.
2 - Lots of Rubbermaids that hold children's clothes & maternity duds from my e-commerce store I got tired of.
3 - All the 'junque' and faux antiques from my booth business I had with MOM, many moons ago.
4 - Tons of bos filled w/items I wanted to sell on ebay for MOOLA!
5 - Gazillion boxes that hold my entire life's interest in books, including; mystery, romance (did I really used to read those? Yuck!), kids books, favorite books, college tetbooks, homeschool books, and books I bought to sell (again with the Ebay.)
6 - The entire contents of my youngest brother's apartment he had before he moved south to go to a differet collages. We're a free storage unit.
7 - Various items from when my other brother Daryl and his wife lived here for 9 months (8 years ago.)
8 - The entertainment center left here by Bro #3, who lived here for months (9 years ago).
9 - The cans of paint, varnish, odds and ends furniture left behind and 'gifted' to us by my parents when they moved out of town 2 1/2 years ago and couldn't take flammables in the moving truck.
10 - All the art supplies I hang onto, the craft items in the closet that I haven't touched in years, the boxes and closet of fabric for quilting I never do, all the outdated scrapping supplies that just sit in boxes but I can't seem to part with, because it just seems 'wrong to waste it'.

10 things I need to acquire to make DH happy...
1 - A HUGE dumpster would be his first request (or a Semi Truck and strong men to haul it all away)
2 - Information on our city's 'Clean Up' days when we can take tons of stuff to the dump for cheap.
3 - Bags, Boxes, Broom and Dustpan
4 - A babysitter for the children
5 - Beautiful balmy forecast so it's easier to take stuff outside or work on the garage without freezing your patootie off (like we did today in 38 degrees!)
6 - A promise that I will stop going back through a trash bag after he has tossed half my stuff without my looking through it.
7 - A promise that I won't let anyone store or LEAVE anything at our house again.
8 - Another promise that I will only have 1 interest that involves product, at a time.
9 - Lots of soda & snacks for the cleaning process
10 - A willing attitude to help him weed through my junk would be a nice gesture


Loretta said...

I love your list for your DH. What a good wife! Of course, I'm assuming you are actually going to do all this....which makes you a much better wife than I am!!!

DanaRunaway said...

Kris you are so funny! Has your husband read this list? It would probably make his day!

Before you complete those your swap list first!?

Contessa Kris said...

Nope, no list swapping! lol DH just read the list, nodding his head the whole time. What a dork, a dork I love. Ummm, welll, ummm I helped with the garage, some. It had some of the Ebay stuff in it and all my Bros' stuffs. The basement is next Friday's project since he is off again... We'll see, hopefully I'll help a bit.

Shari said...

We must be related!!! I could almost duplicate your lists---except I sold Christmas stuff (for 14 years and the company is out of business)!! Do I really need all that paperwork and tons of leftover merchandise??? I am also a curbside sifter---my neighbors must all think I'm a crazy woman going through the trash my husband takes out! He takes the trash out at 4:30 AM before work in hopes that I will sleep through the trash pick up!! How hard is is to be a saver when my husband is a "thrower awayer"!
hugs, shari xxx

ParaCristo said...

Is it possible to buy a Hot air balloon sized trash bag?...and if this is possible IMAGINE the truck ta haul it off!!!...
I love ya dear....I preciate the support!!!!