Monday, March 20, 2006


I don't know what I have to say today (hey, I'm a poet, and didn't know it!). I have so much going on, and little random thoughts. If you're bored, read on, I'll share:

  • Been one of those days. We did get a lot of homeschooling done though, and DD 1st grader learned all about Missouri or 'Misery' as DH calls it. DD 8th Grader is in the agony of algebra and I'm making her read 'a classic' of Arabian Nights. She balks at reading 'classics' just for the fact that I call them 'classics' which must mean to her 'old' but when I MAKE her read it, she almost always comes back with 'it's interesting'. I TOLD YOU SO! DUH!
  • Haven't had a moment to create, haven't finished last week's SPRING project for Monday Musing. I'm trying to get myself caught up on the things I've signed myself up for. Why do I sign myself up for so much? Swaps, circle journals, swaps, swaps, swaps? It's an endless cycle. I'm coming to the end of my list though, which is good. Then there will be more time for ME! Needless to say, I won't post another MM until this project is done. I did finish up pages for a Vintage Layout Swap. Hallelujah!
  • In between grading math, giving a spelling test and going to the ladies room, I've been reading through 2 new books I just got at the library: 'Visual chronicles : the no-fear guide to creating art journals, creative manifestos, and altered books' and 'Artist's materials : all the materials you will ever need to make art'. They both have their merits. Visual is all about journals, and if you're not a journal-er, you can still make a journal. I found it interesting, simple at times, but great for the beginner. Of course, I'm still working my way through it, and its not like I really know what I'm doing when it comes to making an art journal, having never attempted one. The Artists is like a massive supplies/technique book. This paint does this and that paint does that. This paper is better for this, and that paper for another thing. Get it? Like an artists supplies 'bible'. Very cool.
  • I was reading part of TatteredEdge's blog to my DH today, about her birthday and telling her DH, "Did you ever dream you would marry a woman who would ASK for tools for special occasions?" I had asked DH this and he wanted to know why I asked, hence the blog reading. Anyway, read it to him, and he was like 'would you use a soldering iron? I have one in the truck (work truck) I haven't used in 5 years. You want it?' My eyes glazed over and I clapped my hands. 'REALLY! I mean REALLY REALLY? Heck yeah I want it!' So he got it, and the soldering gun thingie and soldering metal. I'm fondling it like it's a new car and has that new car smell. After awhile, I start thinking. Now why did I want this thing? How am I going to use it? I've never had the need for one... it just makes me feel more thoroughly 'ARTISTIC' to own one... I'm a dork, I know. Anyone have any ideas on fabulous things to make with it? Share them with me!
  • Random thought #435... I was out in the sleet and rain today to mail said Vintage Page Layouts at the post office. I had random thoughts there too. Running to the safety and comfort of my car, my long hair was getting soaked and yet was still whipping around in the wind. MEDUSA style. What was my first thought? --Wouldn't this make a great picture for my blog, in commenting on the wild wind?-- *eyeroll and slight chuckle here* Then my thoughts went off on a tangent, thinking about how you could invent a finger size camera, that would slip over the end of your finger, you know, like those blood pressure thingies they slip on your pointer finger in the hospital. Today I could have just held my finger out as far as I could and aim it at my head and VOILA'! A picture of me as Medusa. I mean wouldn't that be cool?

Enought random thoughts. My art muse is calling. I have tons of ATCs and other things to make to cross them off my list and get me one step closer to art time just for ME. Wish me luck and speed of the creativity. Cheerios!


DanaRunaway said...

Love your camera idea and glad I'm not the only one in the world who's mind runs wild!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick word of warning about soldering. If you or others will be handling your creations, get lead-free solder. I know that Hobby Lobby carries it.
A cool idea for using your new tool:
Get microscope slides. Sandwich pictures, stamped art, fibers, etc. between two slides. Wrap edges with 1/4 inch copper foil. (Also available at Hobby Lobby) Solder around the edges. You can attach wire loops for hanging your treasure or scrolled wire for decoration. Some people cut the slides in half to make a square instead of a rectangle and make bracelets from the squares.

Contessa Kris said...

Cool! I have tons of slides, even decorated ones. I have seen them soldiered before. My metal is probably not lead-free, I'll have to check on that. Thanks!