Saturday, March 18, 2006

Corned Beef & K-Ology

For those who know me, cooking is not my favorite thing. It's not even on my list of stuff I'll do if I'm the last woman on the planet (although I guess I better, if I want to BE on the planet. But I'm not cooking for the last man on the planet, that's for sure!) However, Friday being St. Patrick's Day and all, I decided to break tradition and actually cook. I crocked a Corned Beef chunk and a head of cabbage. It smelled delicious to me. My family was skeptical. I was proud of myself for cooking this wonderful meal. Last night I ran off to crop at a local scrapbooking store... My cowards of a family decided since the 'cat's away, the mice will play' and left my lovely meal there to simmer and they went and bought pizza, breadsticks and cookies. *eye roll here* And they wonder why I don't cook on a regular basis. Enuff said. NO, that isn't my dinner, it's a pic off the internet. Mine was floating around in juice and fat in the crock. No wonder they didn't want to touch it. Of course today, I made corned beef gravy and biscuits and they loved it. Maybe it's all about how you present it.

Bought the coolest paper last night and had to make an ATC with it. It's K&Co's 'K-Ology' line. Now, mind you, I hate purple. But this is the prettiest shades of pink, avocado and eggplant. I bought the whole line!
Doesn't he look sweet?! :) I also used one of my new stamps from Ma Vinci. I SO need more money so I can buy from her again!

Yesterday I finished up a set of vintage cards for a swap I'm running. She looked to me like she was reaching up to touch something, so I gave her a feather.

Had the best time with my new friends from the local scrapbooking store and forums. Christina and Dana T, thanks for a fun filled evening cropping and for putting up with my non-stop talking. I have a problem with that. Never takes me time to warm up to someone, I just automatically act like I've known people all my life. I consider that a blessing. *wink* I'm off to work on my 'SPRING' piece for this week's 'Monday Musings'.

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