Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Simple Cards

Let me tell you, medicine is a God send. I've been in bed most of the day, vegetating and sick. I took some cold/cough meds, took a nap, coughed up a lung and I felt better. Okay, not really better, but just enough to sit at my table and try to clear a space. I cleared about half and found a Stampin' Up brochure with lovely cards in it I just had to copy. I am late with sending cards to my Secret Sis from SplitCoastStampers, so I made 6 simple cards. I'm sending them out tomorrow if I can drag my sick patootie out the door. I hope she likes them. Images are either Art By Moonlight or Stampin' Up.

There's still time to attempt the 'Monday Musings' Challenge (see below.) I'm going to work on mine here soon. It's hard to feel REAL blessed when you feel like road kill.


Turquoise CRO said...

Go to Inspire me Thursday!!! Might cheer you up girly!!!SWEET!! AND Get Well!!! LOL

Bonni said...

Sorry you're not feeling good girl...I've been struggling with something for almost a week now..UGH!! Hope you get to feeling better soon

primdollie said...

Hi found your link on Deryn Mentocks blog so popped over to check things out!! sorry you are feeling yucky and but love these cards you did in spite of the crud!! sure hope you will feel better soon!! and I'm sure your secret sis will love these!!!
hugs Linda