Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Six Minutes... (List Friday)

Mrs. Pom posted a new List Friday and I thought I would play along once again. She asks us to answer the questions:
-six minutes you'd like to relive
-six minutes you'd like to erase

-six minutes you'd like to relive
1 - The minute my doctor told me I was pregnant with DD Alex. I will always remember that minute. I had to sit down to take it all in.
2 - The minute I saw my DD Alex for the first time. Pinkest cheeks, adorable little mouth.
3 - The minute I told DH that after a 6 ½ year drought of babies, we were pregnant again (this time with Sophia.) He literally jumped on me to hug me (we were sitting on the couch on Christmas Eve.)
4 - The minute I saw my DD Sophia for the first time. She was so quiet, little and adorable. Who knew she would grow into a fireball?

5 – The minute we walked over the hill and down the wooden walk, seeing the beach in August 2005, after many many years of not seeing it. I should have never left it… It was both girls’ first time seeing the gorgeous ocean.
6 - A couple months ago we really cleaned the house spotless (someone must have been coming over. *eyeroll here*) I remember when it was all perfectly clean, and no one had messed anything up yet.
That moment in time was fabulous. I'd love to relive this moment over, and over, and over...

-six minutes you'd like to erase
While I would always want to relive the good moments in my life, I prefer not to relive (or change) the not so good ones. They are what gave me the personality, character and (hopefully) moral fortitude that I have today.


SnapDragon said...

Alex is absolutely die-hard gorgeous, and there is no doubting that Sophia is the fireball you claim she is. What a beautiful family you have!

DanaRunaway said...

Aw your girls are so cute and I loved your six moments to relive!

Anonymous said...

I agree that our past molds us and shapes us. If I hurt another person, even unintentionally, that is something I regret.