Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 14 - And Just Like That...

4 days were lost. The weekends seem to be full of who knows what. I know I didn't do much but art just didn't make it to the table, so to speak. What have you been creating?

** Friday we went to a friend's house for bible study, food and games. As usual we got plenty rowdy and had the best time until 1 am!

 My teen with her drawings and the little one's comics

** Saturday the girls and I headed to the church for an art show. We submitted a few pieces for people to look at and received favorable comments. It's just nice to have the girls participate as well.
** Sunday was a blur. I caught a cold and a migraine so who knows what I did. Mostly sleep.
** Monday I tried to rest but also spring cleaned my bedroom. No more clothes that don't fit, no more junk, no more piles of stuff we're not using. GONE! To the thrift store or the dump.

Today I couldn't stand it anymore. I thought 'I'm behind, I should just pull out my papers and glue and collage something.' My art room is atrocious so I haven't been working down there. But I had had enough, I needed to paint. Out came the acrylic paints, the brushes, fluid acrylics, Neocolor II crayons, colored pencils, bottles of india ink. I dragged them all upstairs, with canvases, and went to work on the picnic table.

As soon as the girls saw me playing with stuff in the backyard, I had guests. They pulled out things to work on. We had a fun time and worked until it was too dark to see and the bugs were eating us alive. 

Nothing is finished yet on my end, although the girls collaborated on this abstract above, and the teen painted with her new found love, the Neocolor II water soluble crayons:

I'll share a completed piece tomorrow. It feels good to paint again.

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