Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Day 8 - Drawing Peoples

Today while attempting to draw people from a picture, I thumbed through previous drawings I had done. (Note: Click on pics to see up close, because some of them aren't clear until up close because of the flash.)

I sketched Nancys from an old 1935 'Tom and Nancy' reading book. These are some of my favorite drawings.

I did a study in birds a while back. I like how they came out although I'd like them more 'brushy' instead of exact lines.

While we were in Atlanta on a trip, I found a book of shells and worked on this little drawing. 

Tonight I was sketching a picture of my mom on the beach, while on our cruise in April. As you can tell, it is terrible. Her mouth looks like I don't know what (supposed to be top teeth and then tongue because she has her head thrown back, laughing) and I started to work on the waves but gave up.

I'm so glad I ordered these books from the library last week. I'm hoping they help me with the peoples drawings.  Life Drawing and Drawing People. I'm thinking, whenever I get back to college class taking, my first will be drawing classes. It's a skill I don't possess and would like to 'beef' up on it.

Ohhh, have to show you my thrift store find today! A whole pile of PRINT magazines, magazine for the graphic artist. They have the neatest pictures inside, and their mags were $0.29 each! A steal. Can't wait to peruse them!

See you tomorrow. Be creative!

(if you're just joining my blog posts now, the Day 1.2.3, etc... posts all pertain to my goal for daily Creative Vibrations, initially blogged about here. Join me in creating daily!)

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trisha too said...

You want to know something? I can't draw peoples.

Things, yes, and some animals--not horses. Isn't that weird? Birds, no problem!

Your children sketches are sweet!