Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day 2 - Chicken Sewing!

Day 2 is here! Yesterday I spent the day at the pool for my twin nieces' birthday party. 12 screaming 9 year olds. Fun times. Gathered a bit of pink skin that managed to get through the SPF 30. I'm working on my summer tan. 

 (my youngest niece showing us the bug she found in the pool)

I had planned to start my crafty experiment with paper creations as is my wont but after pulling out the WIP hatbox, I was too taken with it to leave it alone! There are so many wonderful partially finished creations in there. Many pieces are old quilt squares made by some long ago sewer. I have had lofty plans of making my own quilt with them or at least pillows. But yesterday I pulled out a square I had made. Of a chicken.

I don't know where the idea for him came but I think its highly appropriate now that the little one and I are wanting to raise chickens from scratch. In due time, but in the meantime, I can have chicken art!

I pulled out fabrics that would match the square as well as go with my bedroom decor.  I can't remember where I purchased it but the egg fabric is my favorite. The red fabric is a reproduction of a fabric from 1879. I love reproduction fabrics!

This keeps happening with my sewing machine. It will be going along just fine and them BOOM! It will start making a crazy sound and this will happen. What's up with that? (Just noticed my fabrics don't line up. I'm not a very 'exact' sewer. It always seems to work out in the end anyway.)

I found the fuzzy trim wadded up in a bag of trims. Really, you never know what I have in my studio, it's crazy. So glad it matched!


What have you created today?!

(if you're just joining my blog posts now, the Day 1.2.3, etc... posts all pertain to my goal for daily Creative Vibrations, initially blogged about here. Join me in creating daily!)


Shirley Pando said...

Hi Kris,
Love that pillow! Check your top thread tension if you're getting "birds nests" in the back. Yesterday I made a "faux quilt" art quilt for a company I'm working with...gotta keep it under wraps for now.

Can't wait to see your next project!

Trece said...

Looks like your problem could be lower tension, or a piece of flugg or something in the bobbin track. When it happens for me (and it does), I give her a good cleaning and oiling, and things usually improve. Good luck!!

Thanks for the nudge to get back to my machine - I know she feels neglected.