Thursday, June 09, 2011

Day 9 - Love One Another

I've unexpectedly had a day to myself. Hubby at work, teen sleeping in and the little one went to her cousin's house last night. Of course art was first on my menu; my creative vibrations have been humming...

In continuing with my idea for positive affirmations for the wall, LOVE is what came to mind today. People can irritate you to no end but if you remember that you LOVE them, it puts things in perspective, especially family. I can't help you with the people you don't love. lol 

Piece is made with painted paper scraps, transparency pieces, inks, paints and pens.

Joseph Cornell: Master of Dreams

I've been reading a book about Joseph Cornell,  an American artist and sculptor, one of the pioneers and most celebrated exponents of assemblage. He was an artist of immense talent, yet plagued by shyness, and wary of the company of strangers. It's such an interesting book. I recommend to people, especially if you like building or viewing assemblage pieces.

Okay, I'm off to plan a night out with hubby. I'm thinking Indian food and Pirates of the Caribbean movie. What are you doing this fine day?

(if you're just joining my blog posts now, the Day 1.2.3, etc... posts all pertain to my goal for daily Creative Vibrations, initially blogged about here. Join me in creating daily!)

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trisha too said...

So how was the movie? And recommend us a good Indian restaurant, wouldja? We haven't tried that yet, aside from some homemade.

Your wall is going to be FABULOUS!!