Saturday, June 04, 2011

Day 4 - Confidence & I Don't Care

Yesterday we had the best time trotting around Kansas City. The Lady Diana exhibit was wonderful. Seeing the long train on her dress and all of her lovely clothes was astounding. I can't imagine being her. So sad; such a wonderful lady died so young. (Interesting facts I did not know!)

We spent the evening having a picnic in the perfect weather outside with my parents. The kids played frisbee, the men cooked, mom and I chatted. We also finalized the deal on a new-to-us vehicle. A friend had posted on Facebook that she was giving away an old van that works. We've been down to one car since the teen's accident in December so any vehicle is appreciated. We stopped by her house, talked it over and we pick it up on Sunday! Very excited to have two cars again. 

This latest art piece is about confidence. I plan to add it to my wall affirmations art I talked about yesterday. One thing I struggle with sometimes is confidence. You wouldn't think it if you knew me but I doubt my confidence sometimes in my mothering skills, my wifing, cooking, my artishness, many areas. I'm trying to teach myself to be more confident.

This pieced started out as plain cardstock. I had no plan, But any idea that popped into my head I did. If I didn't like it, I told myself, 'I don't care' and went on or added to it. It's how it works with confidence. If we let each inferior thought stop us from moving forward, we won't ever accomplish anything. I've written 'Confidence' all over the piece, including on the nose where I messed up the line. But I told myself, 'I don't care' and went on. The piece was more about the process then the finished project.

What are you creating this weekend?

(P.S. My title reminds me of this song! lol)

(if you're just joining my blog posts now, the Day 1.2.3, etc... posts all pertain to my goal for daily Creative Vibrations, initially blogged about here. Join me in creating daily!)


genagirl said...

I just love these bright colors you use! I try to push myself towards color because I kind of love vintage look so much - a lot of browns, and dark red and black. Very inspiring. And weren't the dresses amazing? We were shocked by the color, how they weren't really the colors they looked in photos. That short, sparkly light blue (I thought it was white) cocktail dress was my fave. She was so beautiful - both inside and out. Ooop, sorry - I'm rambling!

Contessa Kris said...

You're right, she was beautiful and the light blue was my favorite too.

Yes, I like bright colors it seems. Used to only use vintage colors as well but I guess I've branched out. I use whatever is within my reach although I find I'm reaching for reds, aquas and pinks lately.